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Great British pubs, East End warehouses, music halls oozing with history, cool British clubs, museums, quirky Townhouses, a boat on the Thames, glamorous London restaurants…the spaces and places are endless and all equally exciting to me as a wedding photographer.

Being based in Sussex, Urban weddings for me tend to be in London….nothing personal, just geography!  (I’ll happily capture your urban wedding outside of London too!).  What I truly love is the endless variety and the uniqueness of urban weddings – the fast pace, anything goes/anything can happen nature of them.  There’s just something so inspiring about urban spaces that makes my creative heart dance.  The chance to have a play with different light sources and backdrops is fantastic.  Portraits are where the chance to do this comes into it’s own…I love a gritty backdrop, in direct contrast to a beautifully manicured couple, and the quiet intimacy between a couple who’ve just got wed juxtaposed against the madness of City life around them.

Scroll below to see some of my favourite such City images…

Recent Urban Weddings

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