Every year I’m genuinely shocked at how quickly a new year comes around, and this year’s no different! It really feels like only a few months ago that I was sat here writing my 2017 round up post. Must be the time optimist in me! haha

2018 was a great year. Full of fabulous weddings in rustic barns, working farms, elegant country estates, and the crazy, sexy, cool that is London town. It really was a blast. Honestly. I mean that. Sometimes people ask me, ‘Is being a wedding photographer boring? You’re doing the same thing each weekend, right?’. At first I used to be quite offended by such a question. But now I love it, as it gives me an opportunity to explain how it’s anything but boring! It is in fact the complete opposite. There are obvious similarities in that you have two people who love each other getting married, but how they choose to do that and all the different characters that make a wedding the most magical awesome day ever is what makes each one so so different. People, life and all the complexities of the journey to where any one person is at any given moment of time, is what fascinates me – and it is that which I try to capture. I genuinely love what I do – that I get to hang out with and document, awesome human beings on one of the best days of their life. It truly is an honour.

To those of you who invited me to share in your forever day during 2018, I am so grateful – thank you. To those of you reading this whose forever day is yet to come, I can’t wait to get to know you, and to create meaningful images for you and your next generation.

May your 2019 be all kinds of wonderful! x

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