Surrey Wedding Photography

Living on the Sussex-Surrey borders, it’s always a pleasure to take a short drive to capture Surrey weddings.  I consider myself very lucky to be situated so close to so many fabulous places to capture weddings.  From the romantic elegance of grand Country Houses such as Botley’s Mansion, Fetcham Park, Northbrook Park, Froyle Park and Hampton Court House, to the modern chic that is Gate Street Barn and Millbridge Court, to the quirky cool Brooklands Museum for something a little different, or the truly unique tranquil oasis that is Petersham Nurseries and the quiet secluded appeal of The Secret River Garden in Twickenham to name only a few, Surrey weddings can be really quite fabulous.

If you’d like to see more of my work then head on over here or for my more recent work see here. To check my availability for your wedding date get in touch here.

Recent Surrey Weddings


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