2022 Best Wedding Photography ~ HUGS ARE BACK!

It’s a pleasure to share with you my 2022 best wedding photography, including Sussex wedding photography, Surrey wedding photography, Kent wedding photography to name but a few places I’ve had the pleasure of being a documentary wedding photographer in this year.

Well! There you have it. A whole year done and dusted, and another one ushered in. I’m pretty sure it was January 2022 just five minutes ago, then I blinked and it was 2023! 

2022 was, to put it simply, an absolute blinder. After a dismal few years navigating a pandemic that all but crushed the wedding industry (my desk has never been so tidy), 2022 was the year that things really started feeling “normal” again. I shot lots in 2021, but 2022 was just crazy. Where last year’s weddings were tentatively hopeful, this year’s were all-out joy fests. 

I was lucky enough to shoot some utterly gorgeous weddings this year. My couples and their family and friends were able to just relax into the day, enabling them to reconnect in such a meaningful, lovely way. I saw so much laughter, so many old friends reuniting, and so much love. 

I am just so grateful to be behind the lens on days like these. Capturing every brilliant little moment of the most stylish, fun-filled days imaginable. That last embrace between a bride and her father before she becomes a wife; the hand clasp between two excited bridesmaids as they watch their best friend say her vows…and their faces when they realise they forgot to pick up her vows card (see image below ha!); the bear hugs between cousins who haven’t seen one another in years. A wedding is so much more than two people: it’s a celebration of human connection and the spirit of family. 

Incredibly, each wedding was so, so different, utterly unique with its own heart and style. But they did all have one crucial component in common. An element that I like to seek out, like a heat-seeking missile while I’m shooting a wedding: HUGGING. Hugging is BACK. Now that we can, we are cuddling one other at every possible opportunity, and I, for one, am all for it. Long may it last. 

It’s the hugging photos that always make it into the album, I find. When it comes down to it, you very rarely look back at a picture of a pair of shoes or jewellery (lovely as they are) and start to weep tears of nostalgic joy. But photos of loved ones enjoying the best day of your life? Those are the ones that reach right into your chest and tickle you right under the heartstrings. 

And with that sparkly thought, I’ll sign off by saying a big, huge, MASSIVE thank you to all of the fantastic suppliers I’ve teamed up with this year. Teamwork makes the dream work, and nobody knows it like wedding suppliers. You guys rock. And an even bigger thank you to the gorgeous couples who entrusted me with their wedding photography in 2022. I hope I did you proud, and I am so happy that you paused scrolling at my site! 

Finally: to my soon-to-be wed couples of 2023. I am so excited you picked me, and cannot wait to capture your big day. 





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