Buxted Park Hotel, East Sussex ~ A Very Special Sneak Peek ~ Lottie & Antonio: i do

I’ve been desperate to blog an animated piccie from the Buxted park Hotel …and yesterday was the day for me to finally get my head around it! I have to tell you though…it wasn’t easy…although to be fair it probably should have been! I spent hours trying to sort it, and then my hubbie came home…literally sat next to me and hey presto, it worked!!! Great…and yet also highly irritating -> him = puzzled face ‘What was the problem then…?’ Me = ‘Arrrrrgggghhhh’…! …we did laugh – well, to be more accurate he did…and then I slowly joined in!

Anyways, I think it was well worth it….and so, over to the smiley swirling Lottie…

…isn’t she just a picture of beautiful girly gorgeousness….!

and finally…to make yesterdays pain seem all worthwhile please do leave me some love to tell me how much you love it and how clever I am….!!! 😉


  1. Juliet

    Oh I LOVE it! Can’t wait to see some more.

  2. Caroline

    CUTE!!!!! more, more, more!!!!! 🙂 xx

  3. Helen McMenamin

    Can`t wait to see some more!

  4. Tina

    A fab twirly swirly Lottie – thank you! The day was so amazing and thank you for everything you did!
    Bluebell kept up the tradition of old VWs and broke down twice on the way back to Bournemouth!!! Poor Paddy!!!

  5. Vincent Jasper

    Lovely. Worth all your efforts

  6. Mike & Debbie Terry

    We both had a fantastic time – and Charlotte and Antonio were totally made for each other.

    Look forward to seeing you all again soon – and thanks for having us

    Let us know when you are back in the UK?

    Mick & Deb


  7. Lottie

    Oh Wow! thank you thank you thank you!
    We have just got back from Brighton and it is sooo amazing to see these lovely photos.
    You were a total star and it was so great to have you there on the day!
    Cannot wait to see the others…
    lots and lots of love from Mrs Basile!!

  8. wendy southall

    Absolutely stunning Lottie – can’t wait to see the official link that your mum is going to send. Beautiful xx


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