Buxted Park Hotel Wedding

If you’ve not already seen the previous 2 sneak peeks of the lovely Lottie and Antonio’s wedding, then I suggest you do so here and here! As you can see from these, their beautiful day was very much centered around having fun, involving their family and friends in the preparation and ensuring everyone present was happy and well looked after. Buxted Park Hotel provided the perfect back drop for this, as it not only looked amazing, but Marc and his team were attentive in every way and quietly went about things to ensure Lottie and Antonio floated through their wedding day on their wedded blissful cloud without any hiccups or interruptions 🙂

As I said previously, there were so many things about this wedding that had me smiling and skipping about with joy…! I’ve already declared my undying love for Bluebell (Lottie’s brother Paddy’s gorgeous VW Camper), which made for a very cool ride to the church and back (minus any tantrums – I’ve since heard that the same sadly can’t be said for her journey home back to Bournemouth the next day!), and driven by Lottie’s Step Dad. Then there was Lottie’s amazingly cute pale pink knee length dress, which had to be seen up close I think to appreciate it’s full gorgeousness! Also, she’d purchased a beautiful cream Vintage fur cape from Ebay, which was sent to her by an old lady who enclosed a letter with it wishing her happiness when wearing it (I may have imagined it, but I think it was worn on her wedding day too! I just love hearing the history of such Vintage items…makes them all the more special I think). Furthermore, Lottie’s Step Mum was busy for months leading up to it collecting old glass vases, candle stick holders and various bits and bobs from Charity shops to decorate the shelves and tables in the wedding breakfast rooms. Lottie’s Dad ensured Lottie’s stunning dress was in tip top condition, by hanging it for days before in his house and hand pressing the flowers on it for maximum impact. The flowers were lovingly prepared and designed by Lottie’s Step Mum and Dad, whilst Lottie’s Mum and Step Dad grew and dried the petals for the Confetti in their garden at home in France. And Lottie herself made some special little bunting to decorate the cake. Antonio’s family being Italian were sure to bring in the Italian tradition of covering the couple in ribbons and silly string during their ‘First Dance’, which was great fun to see – so many smiles and so much laughter!!! Ooooh and I almost forgot…talking about smiles and laughter – Lottie and Antonio, alongwith their Bestman and Bridesmaids, danced their way out of the Church after the Ceremony to Stevie Wonder’s ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours’…!!! hehe So, as you can hopefully tell from my ramblings here, it really was a very special day indeed with all these little touches and thoughtful actions coming from all involved. And really it is this – the people and the love they share – which for me makes a wedding so enjoyable…and why I truly love being a Wedding photographer.

Lottie and Antonio, I truly wish you both lots of love and light in your future…and I know for sure that with all the love there was between you and around you on your wedding day, that you’ll both happily grow old together as Antonio wished for in his speech. Big hugs and love to you and your lovely families.


  1. Tina

    Oh Anna! I simply wept with joy when I saw the blog!!! You are truly amazing and have captured the essence of the whole day! So much fun, love and laughter! Our family are so very grateful to you for bringing the day back to life for us when we all felt a little sad that it was over – but now it will be with us forever! What a little miracle!!! THANK YOU just isn’t enough. Tina (Ma of Lottie)

  2. Lottie

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAah – i love love love them all!

    Thank you so much for all of our lovely photos, I cannot believe how great they are and cannot stop looking through them all!

    When I look at them I can remember exactly how I felt on the day – just gloriously and utterly happy! So thank you again and again and again!


  3. Kelly Green

    I have fallen in love with her dress – gorgeous!

  4. Colette

    Amazing!! So so beautiful. Such wonderful memories of so much love and fun. Cxx

  5. Em Harris

    How beautiful you looked – amazing pics x


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