It’s that time of year again, when one draws to an end and another begins.  It’s a perfect time to reflect and be grateful, and what better way to do it than through showcasing my favourite images from 2016 in a best wedding photography selection.  Essentially it’s a collection of my most favourite moments – some quiet, others loud, much happy, some reflective, a few sad, a little cheekiness and some pure laugh out loud belly aching moments.  Hopefully each image tells you a little about the story of the people within it.

2016 has been all kinds of fabulous.  I’ve had the honour of capturing so many beautiful couples special wedding stories, and in the process had the best time getting to know the most lovely people.  I’ve said it before, but I truly am so thankful to all my wonderful couples and their families who invite me to share in their lives.  Thank you for being you, for allowing me ‘in’ to capture special meaningful moments and for being so lovely to be around.

I’m lucky also to have the most supportive industry friends, who are always on hand (whether in person or in our virtual offices), to offer advice, encouragement and laughter.  You bring many a smile to my face, laugh out loud moments in my day and a kick up the butt when needed!  I’d genuinely be unable to do what I do without the unconditional love and support of my husband.  You remind me what it is to love, and be loved – and for that I am eternally grateful.  You are my rock, my world and my IT guru…of which I will always be indebted! haha

So, 2017 awaits!   I look forward to each wedding story I’m yet to capture – the characters I will meet, the stories they’ll share with me and the part they’ll play in each special day.  There’s always stand out moments at each wedding, where someone in either their actions or words connects me in a powerful way to the beauty of the human spirit.  That is pretty special, and makes what I do so fabulous.  Thank you for choosing me to tell your story – I can’t wait to tell it.

And last but not least there’s some exciting changes a-coming regarding my branding and website…of which I can’t wait to share.  The font in my twenty sixteen image above gives a taster!

So enough words…onto some of my 2016 favourite moments – may 2017 be equally fabulous for you and yours.  With much love, light and laughter from me to you x

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