6 Fitzroy Square Wedding

Celine and Zeff’s wedding at 6 Fitzroy Square was everything I love about weddings…sooooooo much love (….bucket loads!!! it made me shed many a tear throughout the day and whilst editing! hehe), laughter, great people and some serious amounts of style (ahem….Jimmy Choo’s! check out those babies!) – woohoo! Everything about it was really beautiful and nothing more so than Celine’s sister & bridesmaid reading a poem which she wrote herself….this touched everyone present and me too so much, that I just felt this should be what I share with you to sum up Celine, Zeff, their love and their future….so over to the wonderful Michelle and her brilliant poem…

“Crazy Dinosaurs”

Mrs Celine and Mr Zeff
Oh my, where do I start?
It all began in 2010
When you truly captured her heart.

When your eyes first met across the office floor
And you took her on the first date,
Little did you know as you sat at your desk
That you had just found your soul mate.

The adventures were had and the memories made
Predominantly on Northcote Road,
And now you’ve decided you’ve both found the one
And together you’ll build an abode.

You’ll travel the world, discover hidden gems
Visit places far afield,
And if ever you happen to be apart
Love letters you’ll write, sign and sealed.

You’ll make each other laugh and sometimes cry
But through this you’ll only grow stronger,
You’ll cook fillet steaks and drink red wine
And just wish every evening was longer.

When you’ve had a bad day, when you’re feeling down
Fall asleep and miss your stop on the train,
You know you have each other to brighten the day
Like a ray of sun through the rain.

No other girl and no other boy
Would ever be able to compare,
Like gin and tonic and cheese on toast
You two are the perfect pair.

The weeks, months and years will go by
And together you’ll begin to grow old,
The cobwebs may come, the house plants may die
But you’ll always have each other to hold.

Today you’ll be reading your special vows
And both saying I do,
The handsome groom and the blushing bride
Something old, new, borrowed and blue.

As I stand here today before you all
I feel nothing but happiness and pride,
Full of joy bursting from within
I literally have a tear in my eye.

We’re all here for Celine and Zeff
Both of whom we adore,
I’m losing one of the Coligan clan
But gaining a brother-in-law.

We’ll throw confetti and shout and cheer
As you walk through those doors,
Now go and live an amazing life
You crazy dinosaurs!

Now go see Celine & Zeffs wedding at 6 Fitzroy Square for yourself


  1. Celine and Zeff

    Aw, they’re absolutely gorgeous and thank you so much for the lovely intro and the amazing slideshow too! I’m sitting here shedding happy tears all over again. Can’t wait to see the full set next week – you’re a star, thank you so much xx

  2. Simon Partridge

    What beautiful photographs. I’m DEFINITLEY feeling the love!


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