South Bank Engagement Shoot

Today has been one of those days where I’ve been sitting beavering away on my iMac for hours….not the most exciting – paperwork and admin has never been my favourite of tasks – I see it as a kind of necessary evil if the truth be told! hehe

What makes it all worthwhile though is meeting wonderful people, hearing how and what makes their love tick and spending time photographing those very elements of a couple which creates that thing called ‘love’ (yes, apologies – a tad cheesey but oh so true!) 🙂

I had so much fun yesterday getting to know Polly and Steve – one of the most important aspects of an e-shoot is just that…connecting and having fun – so when your big day comes around, you will both relax and go about your day trusting me to capture the day quietly (OK I do chat here and there…not all the time, I promise! hehe) and deliver photos you will love at the end of it. The best photos come when you are feeling relaxed…getting to know each other and having fun on an e-shoot is the best way to ensure you will be calm and at ease in front of my camera on ‘the’ day.

Polly and Steven are just so gorgeous together…spending time with them yesterday on their e-shoot, I saw many glimpses of the strength of their love together and just how being together makes them brighter and lighter (a bit deep I know!). But truly I feel very privileged to be in a position to observe as I do being a photographer, and capture those intimate glances and special moments that are shared between two people in love…

(Oooooh and it would be very rude of me to not mention Polly’s fabulous 1950’s style dress and baby pink petticoat…just how a-m-a-z-i-n-g does she look in it….! I want one right now….! Keep your eyes peeled on my blog for her wedding dress…they are marrying in 2 weeks in Derbyshire – promises to be a sensational wedding!)


  1. Polly and Steven

    We LOVE them, they are so fun and really reflect our personalities, we can’t wait to see more! The wedding should be even better now we are fully trained in modelling! Steven is still recovering from climbing the lampost.

    x polly and Steven

  2. Emma Whitfield

    Fabulous pics as ever-

  3. Emma Whitfield

    so creative! I love the black and white shot with the sun light – so cool!

  4. Caroline

    What a brilliant, brilliant dress! Gorgeous shoot me dearie! Rock on! X

  5. Helen McMenamin

    Yet again, you have really done a great job on the photo’s!

  6. karen Howell

    Another great shoot babes. I just love that blue dress and pink petticoat. Its sooooo…….. gorgeous. They look like a fab couple.


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