Personal ~ Meet our Fur Baby kitten…!

WARNING – excessive super cuteness coming up!

I am sooooo super excited as I had confirmation today that Clio had her kittens and had a blue boy with our name on it!!! Check out the pics of cat-mum Clio I took when we visited last week and met her, alongwith some pics sent to me today by Lorraine the breeder. If you are really interested, check out Lorraine’s website Bluepawz to see Daddy-Cat William….who is absolutely delightful 🙂

Can’t wait to welcome our new fur baby to our home in November…! Ooooh and any ideas for boy names? Needs to be special as he is a very special kitten!



  1. Julia

    We have a british blue too, she is divine, the prettiest cat Ive ever seen and so friendly too


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