New Ad ~ what do you think…?

Hello lovelies!  At the moment I am busy venturing out into the land of marketing and advertising, so was wondering what you – my past, current and future clients – think of this image as my advertisement for a website blog (hence the size!)….?  The image purely serves as a hook to get people interested enough to click on it into my website.  As you’ve stopped by here, would you be so kind as to leave me a comment (click on grey speech bubble just above right of this post…look along from the pink text title of this post!) saying whether it would appeal to you and why/why not…?  Huge thanks and look forward to hearing what you think!

A  xxx


  1. Tim Deluca Smith

    I guess it depends on what aspect of your work you are looking to advertise with it. Small format web buttons are difficult to get right. They have to be instantly recognisable. This screams wedding so it does a great job of capturing eyeballs looking for that service. It’s simple and almost silhouette so there’s nothing to distract. But playing devils advocate!… does it alienate other areas of your work? ….but as it’s my brother in the picture I’ll finish by saying it’s awesome!!!

    • Annamarie

      Thanks Tim, yes see what you’re saying – I’m using it purely to advertise my wedding photography in wedding related sites and magazines, etc – as that is what I am specialising in 🙂 It’s tough trying to find a pic which is so small and also fit my logo in enough to be readable! Glad you like it x

  2. Andrew Ward

    I think the add looks cool, it shows what you do and certainly fits in with RnRB, hopefully I will be joining you all on there soon!!


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