Farm Weddings Photographer ~ Tipperary, Ireland

Whats your thoughts on Working Farm Weddings?  Well, Kate and Keran’s wedding was a blast! It was held on Keran’s home working dairy farm in Tipperary Ireland. They and their family and friends poured so much love into it that you could literally feel it oozing from the marquee on the day! So many people made it the super special day that it was, that it’s hard to know where to start….! hehe Keran’s dad allowed them to use his farm for the marquee and celebrations (I can’t get out of my head Keran’s funny anecdote kicking off his speech where he made reference to his Dad’s first words on discussing the prospect of holding their wedding on a farm….it went something like…’Well I’ll tell you one thing for sure now, and that’s you’re not having it up in the fields for sure!!!’ I loved how Keran started by ironically thanking his dad for the idea of holding it on his farm! hilarious!). Kate’s mum lovingly collected the china for the wedding breakfast and the vases to pop the home grown flowers in….which Kate and Keran did on Keran’s sister’s farmland; Kate, Keran, family and friends gathered to dress the marquee (which looked a-maz-ing don’t you think!), and his Dad along with many men were on hand in the morning shifting wood chippings around to try and soak up the sodden fields (they don’t call Ireland the Emerald Isle for no reason…it rains, and it rains alot…and this period of time was no different! hehe). Truly the day was brilliant and everyone really mucked in (excuse the pun!). I still smile when I asked Kate if I could photograph her wellies and unlike any other time before when a Bride has wellies, these were broken in…muddy and all – loved it! All the girls wore their heels at the church and changed into their wellies for the celebrations…fabulously glamourous! Oh and it was fun for me too wearing wellies to shoot a wedding! Loved it! It really was a wonderful day, so enough from me..

Working Farm Weddings work!..onto the piccies…go see the love and laughter for yourself!


  1. Justine

    Beautiful photos, beautiful couple and amazing wedding xx

  2. Keran (Groom)

    For once I don’t know what to say Annamarie, it was the best day of our lives and somehow you have made it look even better than I remember it! The photos are excellent! I love the one of my father laughing, then the 3 groomsmen laughing in the church, the ones of myself and Kate in the Abbey…at the stables!!! ….I can’t wait to see more!!!

  3. shelly

    Aww they are a handsome couple aren’t they? Blummin love love love that shot of them with the two horses – gorgeous stuff. And every wedding needs Guinness. Absolutely brilliant hun. x

  4. Chris

    You have captured the atmosphere of this wedding perfectly! I love the theme.

  5. Maria: Me Auld China

    Congtratulatins to Kate & Keran, the photos are great, looks liek everyone had a great day. I’m glad our china played a part 🙂


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