Wiltons Music Hall, London Wedding ~ Boudien & Patrick: i do

Boudien and Patrick’s wedding was a very cool occasion indeed…from their venue choice – WIltons Music Hall, London which is just awesome (if walls could talk I bet that place has a few tales to tell! it oozes history and was quite magical) – to their outfits and gifts for their bridal/groom parties….Ray Ban sunnies! hehe And they were lucky enough that the sun had it’s hat on that day for sure! So the recipie was set early on in the day…blue skies, sunshine, sunnies, laughter and style….a perfect start to a wedding!

With Boudien’s roots being Dutch, they opted to marry in the Dutch Church in the City of London, which enabled us to have some cool backdrops for their portraits after….although not quite going according to plan (with Mileenium Bridge being the intended spot…but was heaving with a sea of tourists that day!), we had fun in the area around St Paul’s…go see how awesome they looked rocking their wedding outfits for all to see (many tourists will be admiring them too as I write as there were lots of snappers…check out the man who went up to them to show them how happy he was with his snap of them! hilarious!). The evening was full of fun…one of the best bits for me was when Boudien’s father presented Patrick with some huge clogs to welcome him into the family – very funny indeed! More fun and laughter was to be had through the Best Man speech and Patrick’s also, as many funny tales were told – one such story that sticks out for me was the Bestman poking fun at Patrick’s sense of money making over some particularly dodgy shirts from Thailand – go see for yourself below! Guys I wish you both very well and for Boudien’s sake I hope that Patrick sticks to his day job…! hehe 😉

* There has been a technical error with the displaying of these images and I am working on uploading them all – but in the mean time if you would like to see them from this venue then please contact me at hello@annamariestepney.co.uk and I will share them with you. Sorry for an inconvenience 🙂


  1. Anneli Marinovich

    Gorgeous! Love the shots with the sunnies! For a minute I thought your logo was one of the magnets on their fridge! lol! Looks really good on there! 😉 Wilton Hall looks like a magical venue and I love the light painting you did – nice touch! x

  2. Boudien and Patrick

    AWESOME photos!!! We love them!!! Thanks so much – can’t wait to see the rest 🙂 x

  3. Neda Lahrodi-Blake

    yes agreed very cool wedding indeed and fab shades but that cat well do I need to say more very regal indeed! Bride and groom look lush x

  4. Jo

    Gorgeous pictures!
    What a day :o) had a fantastic time would not have missed it for the world!
    Jo x


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