Sussex Engagement

Sarah and Jason definitely win prize of the year for being the most prepared couple in terms of outfits and accessories  –  I even think Jason may have had more shoes than Sarah which makes a change hey girls! 😉  Before the shoot I advised them, as I do with all my couples, to maximise their outfits with colour and to avoid white.  They were superstars as they really thought through their outfits, and this meant that on the day we had more time to spend on location creating a few different vibes in and around Brighton.  As this was the first time they’d had professional images taken outdoors, they didn’t quite know what to expect, but very quickly got into the swing of things, and as the afternoon ran on their brilliant sense of humour became more and more visible…check out the dandelions shot – to be fair though Sarah gave as good as she got!  Great fun couple and I can’t wait to hear more about their wedding plans….will be a great day I’m sure!


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