Baby Portraits ~ Baby Luke: baby love ~

Super cute first mini baby portraits photographic session with Baby Luke – just 4 months old – don’t know about you but I think he is quite a natural 🙂 When babies are this young I suggest a mini session (30mins-1 hour max) as it is less stressful for baby – as they are not quite able to hold themselves up or interact too much, it can be a bit much if you shoot for too long.  He was such an angel – take a look at the super big smile he gave me (from the little I know about babies, I guess it could have been just wind, but I’d rather think not!).  Isn’t he just the cutest baby!  Everybody now, aaaaahhhh….


  1. Emma Whitfield

    You have captured some fantastic moments!! He looks adorable, of course I am biased being his mother! Might have to sign him up as a model! Thank you so much for your patience, can’t wait to get them in frames!
    Emma xx

  2. donna

    youve managed to make super cute luke look even cuter, i love the one of emma and luke together !!!

  3. Maggs Satchwell

    So gorgeous!!! Lovely natural pictures of a gorgeous boy!
    Would love you to do a session with my two next time you’re in the Midlands.

  4. Siobain

    Awwwww how lovely the daisys pic is beautiful :)) x


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