Personal ~ Milo our Fur Baby kitten…latest!

As with the previous kitten blog post on Milo…I have to give an excessive cuteness warning triangle alert…

This is my new BF…Milo…he is just 9 weeks old and I think I am in love with him (sush don’t tell the hubbie! hehe). Today he had his jab and is feeling a little sore and sad. How soppy does he look in this pic though…he had just finished a hard session of playing with his toys and was enjoying a cuddle/trying to fall asleep!!! Isn’t he just adorable…! In 3 weeks he comes home to live with us…and I can’t wait….! 🙂


  1. Juliet

    Oh my goodness, what a smart young man, he has a certain look of nonchalance about him, essential for any well bred feline. Haha.

  2. Julia

    HE is DIVINE!!!!!!!! Im sat with my own bundle of british blue gorgeousness- shes a year old now though- she cute as anything (my hubby and I both agree we probably love her most! ha ha)

  3. Caroline

    Ooooooh, what a cute little puss cat!!!!!!! So so gorgeous!!!! X


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