Old Marylebone Town Hall & Kettners London Wedding ~ Angela & Olly: i do

The very lovely and stylish Angela & Olly got married last weekend at Kettners London! They are the first of my Brides and Grooms to totally break with tradition and opt for a ‘first look’, which was very exciting indeed! Really there are so many positives to this…the best I think is that you get to experience ‘that’ moment twice…once together in private, and the other in the more traditional setting of family and friends either ‘walking down the aisle’ or ‘walking into the room’ 🙂 As a photographer it is an absolute honour to capture such a beautiful and intimate moment – the emotions shared between you, and the ‘wow you look amazing, we’re getting married’ photos are very special indeed, as you can see from Angela & Olly below. I must admit though that it was slightly hindered by the sheer amount of rain falling sadly…as it was super tricky for poor Angela to walk and hold her dress, flowers, umbrella and husband to be’s hand!!! She was an absolute super star despite all this though, and I don’t think I saw a moment in the day when she wasn’t beaming from ear to ear! So, although the time we set aside for some great shots didn’t quite go according to plan, we did manage to grab a few shots sheltered outside the Old Marylebone Town Hall canopy before the ceremony began – so it was happy days all around in the end!

After a very lovely ceremony, it was party time at the super stylish Kettners Champagne Bar – where the champers was flowing and delicious canapes were served, accompanied by a rather superb Saxaphone player (an instrument I’ve always wanted to learn to play…my mum and dad wouldn’t let me as a kid because it was too expensive! I ended up playing the flute instead…so not the same level of coolness! hehe). Angela and Olly then went on to share a wonderful Wedding breakfast with their closest family and friends (some coming from as far away as Cuba!), and even did a live webcam link with Olly’s sister in Australia which was wonderful to see. The party vibe carried on well into the night with some Photobooth shenanigans, which was great fun to capture…however, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for part 2 to see those! hehe

So, as you can see it was a rather fabulous wedding day for a super gorgeous couple…Angela and Olly I wish you both lots more fun and laughs along your journey together, and hope these photos give you many fond memories to cherish hereon…

Love and hugs to you Mr & Mrs…! xxx


  1. Corporate Portraits

    Nice work, I like the rain shots – a good positive slant on a normally negative situation. Grant

  2. Without A Hitch

    Great photo’s. I think the black and white umbrella’s look so cute.

    Vicky x

  3. louise king

    Truly wonderful photographs.. the fact that the weather wasn’t on your side clearly didn’t phase you… trying hard to pick my fav…BW confetti or playing cards…can’t decide they’re all great!

  4. David

    These are AWESOME and so full of happiness 🙂 They look like such a fun couple and Angela is gaw-jus!!

  5. Angela

    Thanks so much – it’s lovely to see the day again in photos!
    Angela and Olly x


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