Kent Engagement Shoot

I love the autumn…well actually that’s not entirely true…! I hate the cold and the darkness early in the evenings, but the autumnal colours really really make me happy. I often find myself at this time of year, driving around smiling to myself whilst simply looking at the colours of the trees…! (…do I need help…?! hehe). So, I was really looking forward to photographing Susie and Skip’s engagement shoot as they are really outdoors-y people and love the countryside.

What made it even more special was that they brought their boys, Ned and Buckley – two very playful doggies (one of which tried to snog me…oh yes, and me being a cat person didn’t quite know what to do….on reflection screeching was probably not wise as it no doubt sounded to them like I was loving it! hehe). However, they were more set on hunting than posing with Susie and Skip for the camera (would you believe…!?)…although I managed to capture a few of them looking cute – my favourite has to be the last where it looks like Ned is driving the car! hehe

I can’t wait to photograph their gorgeous wedding at the weekend (Susie and Skip that is! ;-)) in the beautiful Beacon House in Whitstable…my 2nd wedding there this month!

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  1. Caroline

    How cute… and that dog in the car – hilarious 🙂
    You rock darling! X


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