Kent Engagement Shoot

Dungeness has been on my Kent engagement shoot wish list’ for quite some time now, so I was super excited when Lucy and Nic agreed to make their engagement shoot there! I totally love the sea…in it, on it, by it – it is the one place where I always feel totally connected with nature. And I have to say that Dungeness is now up there with some of my all time favourite beaches – it was my first time there and I was totally bowled over by it – it’s rugged, isolated and a bit abandoned, yet there is something about it which just made me feel like I wanted to sit there and quietly soak up it’s spell binding energy for hours….it’s a pretty awesome place! I was lucky enough to have some time before Lucy and Nic arrived to do just that, and had to smile as I considered what a wonderful office for the day I had…! I will definitely be returning in the future for some more engagement photography shoots!

So, back to Lucy and Nic…….the minute I met them I just knew they were right up my street…lots of fun and really into photography (you have to be to be willing to travel a 220 mile round trip for your engagement shoot! Respect! …although to be fair I’m not entirely sure Lucy let Nic in on how far it was until they left the house…when he arrived in Dungeness the first thing he needed was caffeine…!) hehe As is often the case with my engagement shoots, my lovely couples come super prepared and well up for it, but a tinsy bit nervous…and that is totally cool and normal…who in their right mind enjoys the prospect of a camera being stuck in their face…! hehe However, fear not as it never takes long to relax into it and even have some fun…just check out Lucy & Nic’s awesome jumping skills and Nic’s rather fecthing antlers for proof….! They are such a great couple and I had a blast with them – I can’t wait until their big Italiano/Scottish Sussex wedding next Summer…! Lastly, I have to thank Lucy and Nic hugely for putting in so much effort with the shoot…and I hope they enjoyed it as much as me!

So please enjoy this stunning Kent Engagement Shoot


  1. Shella

    OMG these are some of the best e-shoots I’ve ever seen! Gorgeous Anna, love them! (and how gorgeous are your couple!)

  2. Rachel Robinson

    Love the last picture- super cool!

  3. Fanni

    Anna these are super gorgeous!!!!!! Love the location so simple but still having great character and your couple are equally gorgeous! Great photos :))))

  4. Flo

    They are simply gorgeous – the pictures and the couple. What a beautiful light, and love the balloons!

  5. Michelle

    Amazing engagement shoot Annamarie : ) x

  6. Jo

    Stunning set of photos – I love the way you have captured Lucy and Nic perfectly – full of love, fun, romance and quirkiness!

  7. Lucy

    Just want to say a BIG thank you for our gorgeous photo’s Anna!. We absolutely love them!. You are a lovely person and fantastic photographer and we are really excited that you are going to be with us to share and capture our (Scottish/ Italian/English) big day in July xxx


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