Hello world and welcome to my photography blog!

Hello, dia duit, ciao, hola, namaste, sat sri akal, bonjour, haai, g’day (think that just about covers most of you)!

I am soooooo excited to welcome you to my photography blog….it has been a long time coming (in my head at least!) and to be totally honest something that has slightly taken over my life during these past few months! I feel like I have given birth to this baby….so I hope you’re gonna love it!  I’m still in the process of uploading past shoots – weddings, engagements and portraits, so please bear with me!

I will be keeping you up to date with what I’m up to work wise, and as life is not all about work I’ll also be blogging a bit about what I’m up to on the rest and play front too, along with random bits and bobs too.

So, sit back, get your clicking finger ready and enjoy…!  Oh, and if you like what you see, please be super lovely and leave a nice comment on the blog post (click on dark grey word bubble to right of the post title) – this will result in you:

(1) being super pleased with yourself as you will be doing a good deed for the day

(2) helping me out in my quest for Google to list me high 😉

Look forward to hearing from you…

Annamarie x


  1. Barbara Stepney

    Hi Annamarie
    Well the big day has arrived. We have just spent sometime looking at your site and we are really impressed as will anyone else that views it. You have worked really hard and spent many hours getting it ready but it has certainly been worth it.
    Good Luck with your new venture and we wish you every success.
    Barbara & Alan xx

  2. Emma Whitfield

    I had the pleasure of Annamarie photographing my baby- not any easy task!! However Annamarie was very patient and considerate to my requests (really wanted hands and feet shoots) The photos were amazing and I love looking back at them as they grow so quick! Having just had my second, I look forward to getting some more precious moments captured!

  3. Helen & Billy

    Hi Anna, We can see now understand why you were so excited with your very professional Website. We are really impressed with your lovely photographs which we have just looked through. We are sure your potential clients will be too! We have just realised you have so much talent! Well done! Your Web Site is really amazing and wish you all the success on your new venture! Love Helen & Billy xx


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