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Hooray! You’ve requested my brochure. I’m so pleased. This feels like a second date…

This is where you’ll get a closer look at me and what I do. What you get when you book me, what other clients have thought of me and, of course, what it all costs. Enjoy!


I like to keep things simple. I don’t have packages or collections, I just have one “offering” that covers everything listed below. Then, if you want to, you can add on things like second shooters and engagement shoots if that’s your bag.




A beautifully presented (if I do say so myself) USB containing approx 450 high-resolution images from your wedding day, with a personal license to print.

I cover from bridal prep to shortly after first dance (approx. 8-9 hours)

A private online gallery to share with family and friends

A slideshow of the highlights of your wedding day

All pre-wedding consultations


Second photographer £350.00

Engagement shoot £250.00

Parent albums 7″ x 5″ from £250.00

Wedding Photo Signing Frame £200.00

Wedding Guest Signing Book £200.00

Wedding Reception photo fun ‘booth’ £275.00

Engagement Coffee Table Book £200.00

Boudoir Shoot incl Hotel & MUA (ladies only) £400.00

Please note that travel and B&B charges may be necessary depending on your wedding location – please ask for more info.



I’m only going to say this once, so listen closely. Are you ready?


Please. For me.
Nothing saddens me more than the notion that tomorrow’s generation won’t have printed photos to cherish. The thought of beautiful photos languishing on a hard drive forever physically pains me so please — even if you don’t have them printed by me — please print them.

Better still, ask me to create you a stunning professional album. I do a lovely album, they’ve been known to reduce my brides to tears (and even the odd groom). They make a great Christmas present for parents, too. Just FYI.

You can order an album at any time up to a year after your wedding day (the gift for that first wedding anniversary is paper, just sayin’). I have some gorgeous options, all designed by yours truly and handmade here in the UK (or New Zealand, they make great albums out there) by Queensbury. I will happily show you a few samples ahead of ordering. If you love my albums but are feeling a bit low on funds after the wedding, I offer payment plans for albums, meaning you can pay in installments over six months. Ultimately, if I can make it work for you, I will.

the big day

Right. Let’s talk about the day. Tell me if I’m warm…

You wake up giddy and a touch overwhelmed. IT’S HERE. You need a decent-sized breakfast because, baby, it’s gonna be a long, beautiful, emotionally-exhausting day.


One or two minor hiccups are radioed in (the band is stuck in a little bit of traffic on the M4, one of the pageboys is flat-out refusing to wear his waistcoat) but it really doesn’t matter. As long as you both turn up, not too much can go wrong as far as you’re concerned. You’re having the best time already.


It feels like the ultimate commitment and the excitement is almost overpowering (but in a good way). You’re ready to spend the rest of your life with this person…it doesn’t get much more thrilling than that. A small child will cry throughout because that is the law.


THIS FEELS AMAZING. You now totally understand why everyone does this. You keep looking at your new spouse. This feels surreal. You really want at least five of those canapés you spent sooooo long choosing.


You dive into the company of all your favourite people. You can let your hair down, safe in the knowledge that your ace photographer is happily mingling with your guests and doing her thing without interrupting the flow of your day. You’ve decided on a handful of close family group shots. No worries, as you’ve already talked it over with your photographer and she’s got it ALL covered. Group shots: DONE. Mums: happy.


A little thirty-minute window when you grab a handful of canapés, a glass of fizz, your new husband or wife and excuse yourselves for a spell. You slow right down, catch your breath and revel in the company of your new spouse. You’re so caught up in the moment, you almost forget your photographer is there documenting all this joy (but don’t worry, she is).


The speeches are something else. You definitely cry even though you promised yourself you wouldn’t. Then the moment you’ve been waiting for all afternoon: the band strikes up and SHAPES ARE THROWN. The night spins away in a blur of dancing, laughing and good times. You’ve never been this happy. All the while, that wonderful photographer you booked is working the room, capturing the day as it happens, bottling the magic.

sound good?

Right this way. If you like what you see here, the next step is to get in touch with me and get that date booked in. Once we’ve got the date locked down, we can talk about everything else.

Drop me a line at hello@annamariestepney.co.uk or fill out the form below.




I'm a Sussex based wedding photographer, but I love to shoot all over the south east of England and if you're planning a destination wedding, I'm all ears.