Best Wedding Portraits

As 2011 draws nigh, I want share my best wedding portraits to  I can honestly say that overall it’s been an absolute blast – consisting mostly of lots of fun, laughter, happy times, smiles and if I’m really honest…quite a considerable amount of lattes and cupcakes! Hehe Of course there has been some not so smiley days…mostly due to the fact that I’m a self-confessed workaholic, and as such have spent some seriously long days and nights in my office on my computer in a desperate attempt to get on top of my endless ‘to do’ list….! (which I may add that in the spirit of living and learning, I now accept is impossible and so move into 2012 with a much kinder approach to myself and ‘it’! Hehe).

I feel very blessed to run a successful Wedding photography business….I really do have to pinch myself frequently…! I’m so very grateful for so many things, and for so many people who have touched my life in various different ways this year…

….to all the wonderful couples whom I’ve had the privilege to get to know and ultimately capture their wonderful Wedding days in 2011 – thank you from the bottom of my heart! You are my inspiration and why I LOVE doing what I do everyday!

….to my gorgeous hubbie, Paul, without whom I would not be where I am today – you are my rock, my best friend, my IT-genius expert, collector of boxes, and all kinds of wonderful behind the scenes (and sometimes up front!) at Annamarie Stepney Photography – I love you more than words can say!

….to all my truly gorgeous friends who have listened to and supported me in my hopes and dreams to create and build my business….without whom I would no doubt be cracking up right now! Hehe Thank you!

….to all my fabulous Photography & Wedding Industry friends and ‘followers’ (FB & Twiter) whom have helped me to embrace each day as a self-employed business woman and made me feel a part of a much bigger wedding community outside of my little office! Working on your own can be tough at times, so thank you for helping me through it! There really are way too many people to name….and you’ve all been wonderful! Some though who’ve really made a huge impact on me and my little business and deserve a special little mention include…
* David McNeil – a seriously talented photographer – the one and only! I’m honoured to call you a friend…your humour, advice and big big heart are the best!
* Annabel Beeforth – Love My Dress – a wedding blogger with a serious sense of style and a whole heap of classy features on her blog….and some really rather fabulous readers – many of whom found me through her gorgeous blog and thus I’ve had the privilege of capturing or will be capturing their weddings!
* Kat Williams – Rock n Roll Bride – another fabulous wedding blogger with a whole load of awesomeness and a unique approach to the Wedding world…she does what it says on the tin with a whole dollop of pinkness and fun! All my couples who come to me through Kat’s blog are serious fun and I never cease to get excited when I meet Kat’s readers, especially when they go onto be my couples!
* Zoe Collyer – a super photographer….with some seriously fabulous shopping habits, great recommendations for eating out and a whole lot of laughs!
* Kim Hawkins – a great photographer….fast becoming a shooting film wizardess! {thanks for 2nd shooting with me all over the UK!}
* Ben Toms – a fab photographer and thoroughly lovely guy – albeit a ‘Nikon’ but nevermind! Hehe {thanks for 2nd shooting with me!}

And now, back to my favourite people of all… Wedding couples! Here are a selection of some of my favourite Wedding Day Portrait images from 2011…ooooh and a little note from the respective couples to me which made me smile on a daily basis throughout 2011! Ooooh and lastly I’d love to know which photos are your favourites and why, so if you have a mo, do leave a comment!

Love and light to you all and may 2012 be all you wish for and more!
A xxx


  1. Lipstick

    What a lovely tribute to 2011! The pics are fab-u-lous! xxx

  2. Celine

    I’ve just seen these (as I regularly stalk you via your blog to see more beautiful photos!) and what a gorgeous post.

    Thank you so much for including us Annamarie. Wishing you a super exciting, happiness-filled 2012 xx

  3. Ben

    Some stunning images there! Wedding portraits to be remembered for sure. I’m going to join celine in stalking your blog from now on!


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